London Business School Logo

London Business School’s academic strength and global outlook drive original and provocative business thinking. We challenge conventional wisdom, transform careers and empower our people to change the way the world does business.

We pride ourselves on being an institution that welcomes people from all backgrounds, countries, cultures, identities, and orientations. Interacting with our neighbours in the heart of London and also with communities internationally is one way we aim to fulfil our vision.

Leadership Institute Logo

The Leadership Insitute at London Business School makes a profound impact on the world through the generation & application of path-breaking leadership research. We strive to raise the standard of evidence-based practice in global leadership by:

  • Putting leadership research into practice; translating the latest findings into a real-world context through learning and outreach activities, inspiring leaders to rethink and improve their processes
  • Creating a generation of leaders with a global view, a strong sense of community, and who lead with their heart as well as their head
  • Being a globally recognised destination for leaders to access research, education, and practice on leadership.
Alpha Clinic & Aesthetics Logo

Alpha Clinic – Healthcare & Aesthetics for highly successful people. Being healthy on the inside & looking sharp on the outside, requires a two-pronged approach. Our forward-thinking process works on true health & self-awareness, finding your version of alpha to increase success rate.

We focus on building deep health that optimise long-term physical & mental health. Working towards SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS, to suit your career & personal needs. The services at Alpha are investments that grow your mental & physical wellness bank, by combating the damaging effects of stress & age, through holistic healthcare & aesthetics.